Nuts for Nut Butters

I am a self-proclaimed nut about nut butters. I eat them in some form everyday, and have yet to meet one that I don't like. All nut butters are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet because they contain healthy fats, protein, fiber and numerous essential vitamins and minerals. Nuts have been shown to improve cholesterol levels, and are at the top of the "heart healthy" foods list. 

Plus, they can make pretty much anything taste better...right?!
Of all the brands I have tried (and there have been many), one of my favorites by far is Artisana. Not only do their products have a great flavor and texture, but they make almost every kind of nut butter you could think of! All of their products are raw, Organic and Kosher, in addition to being peanut, soy, gluten and dairy free. Plus, they never use added oils, sugars, emulsifiers or preservatives. What more could you ask for??
I was lucky enough to receive a fun package filled with tasty Artisana goodies last week, and was once again reminded how much I love them! 
The clear winner in my book is the Pecan butter. 
It is amazing on apples. Actually...the apples are unnecessary...they are really just a vehicle for the Pecan butter to get from the jar into my mouth.
Studies have shown that eating pecans on a daily basis may delay the progression of age-related motor neuron degeneration diseases. Also, pecans have the highest antioxidant content of any nut! It must taste so good because it is good!

Another awesome new Artisana treat that I received was their Chocolate Paste!
  One of their newest products, this tasty chocolate treat is made from a combination of cacao nibs and organic hazelnuts, and comes in a variety of classic and unique flavors.
Cacao nibs are also a great part of a healthy diet! They are filled with cancer fighting antioxidants, and have been shown to have positive effect on LDL (or "bad") cholesterol levels.
Just like their nut butters, this stuff is good on anything.
 Who doesn't love a little chocolate?!


  1. Your pictures turned out great! They look professional!

  2. I am SO jealous! Love all types of nut butter! I've never tried Artisana before- I've gotta get on that!


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